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Unprecedented public sector activity!

by | Aug 11, 2019

Since the increase in merchant acquiring (card processing) costs** in 2015/16, we have seen unprecedented local authority activity, in a bid to secure improved services and reduce council costs.

BRC have completed over 95 local authority projects in the last three years and most recently assisted a City Council in a full market tender for merchant acquiring (card) services, where it is estimated that annual savings in the region of £87k (£32k on core services and £55k on car parks) will be achieved. This represents around a 60% saving on existing card costs. Recent projects include:

A City Council – £87k (≈ 60%) annual saving
A Borough Council – £50k (≈ 60%) annual saving
A District Council – £11k (≈ 30%) annual saving*
A Borough Council – £35k (≈ 45%) annual saving*
A District Council – £25k (≈ 55%) annual saving*
A County Council – £75k (≈ 55%) annual saving

*with existing provider
**cost of processing payments received from customers via credit/debit card

We believe that, with our assistance, councils can achieve significant savings through a tender process.