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Private Sector  Cash & Treasury Management Case Studies

Private Sector: Iceland Shipping & Transport

Client: Global provider of shipping and transport services

Issues: Reliance on spreadsheets to manage global currency risk & liquidity; manual paper based workflow processes. Separately, an out of date Treasury Policy

Service Provided by BRC: Tender to select a treasury management system & development of a new Treasury Policy Guide


  • Implementation of a treasury management system solution based on best market practice
  • Automate existing manual processes and reporting
  • Improve management of cash, liquidity, debt, inter-company lending and risk
  • Allow system access to sub – Treasuries to deliver cash forecasts, and to access inter-company loan details
  • Provide better data availability and management information reporting
  • A comprehensive, best practice Treasury Policy Guide

“Gone through a lot of consulting firms and never been so impressed with a project and the result.”

Arni Sigurdsson, Group Treasury Manager – Eimskip, Reyjkavik

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Private Sector: UK Insurance

Client: Global provider of insurance and reinsurance services

Issues: Reliance on spreadsheets to manage global currency risk and liquidity; manual paper based workflow processes

Service Provided by BRC: Tender to select a treasury management system


  • Standardised global liquidity management and payment processing
  • Liquidity concentration to increase investment yield
  • Maximise insurance funds through effective cash flow forecasting
  • Automated transaction management workflow processes and controls
  • Delivery of a scalable technology solution to create growth capacity

“BRC demonstrated in-depth market knowledge, strong expertise and ….. produced excellent, valuable advice. We were impressed by the judgement and guidance provided, and completed the selection on budget without any surprises”.

Christof Nelischer, Global Group Treasurer, Willis Towers Watson

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Private Sector: UK Oil & Gas

Client: Owned and operated on-shore and off-shore oil and gas drilling rigs

Issues: Different banks in 26 different countries; duplicated currency accounts across countries

Service Provided by BRC: Tender to select a single bank to support the company globally


  • 26 banks replaced by one bank, providing services to the company in each of its locations
  • Reduction in the number of banks and accounts
  • Greatly improved cash and liquidity management
  • Better control of foreign currency risk
  • Less reliance on external borrowing through centralised cash management

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Private Sector: US/UK Bio-Technology

Client: Development and manufacture of therapies to combat serious neurological, autoimmune and rare diseases

Issues: Reassurance that existing Treasury operation meets best market practice

Service Provided by BRC: Best market practice review; delivery of a Treasury Policy Guide & operating procedures


  • Confirmation that generally accepted best market practices were being followed
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Introduction of a more comprehensive Treasury Policy Guide
  • Implementation of a procedures manual

“It was a pleasure working with Roger … we were very pleased with the finished outputs, and would welcome the opportunity to work with BRC again in the future.”

Helen Hanby, Director, International Treasury, Biogen

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Private Sector: UK Insurance & Reinsurance

Client: Global leader in speciality insurance and reinsurance

Issues: Poor liquidity management; manual payment processing; too many separate EB systems

Service Provided by BRC: Best market practice review; delivery of a Treasury Policy Guide & operating procedures


  • Standardising global liquidity management; bank account reconciliation and centralised payment processing
  • Concentrating liquidity, to increase investment yield and reduce borrowing cost
  • Easier to switch banks as majority provide MT 940 statements
  • Avoiding reputational risk due to late/failed payments
  • Improved visibility of cash through better forecasting

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Private Sector: UK Publishing

Client: Global business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events business

Issues: Reliance on spreadsheets for global cash management and reporting purposes

Service Provided by BRC: Best practice review & treasury management system selection


  • Stakeholder involvement throughout the process resulting in:
    – design of a comprehensive treasury business process model based on best practice
    – removal of redundant and time consuming manual procedures
  • Identification of a treasury management system to deliver automated cash and risk management processes
  • Improved management and visibility of the Group’s cash, inter-company loans and current accounts
  • A “future proofed” solution capable of providing capacity to absorb future Group expansion

“BRC provided insight and intelligence as we went to market in the discovery phase of our Treasury Management System implementation project.”

Richard Garry, Group Treasurer, Informa Group